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Sri Lanka

Origin and Flavours

Welcome to Sri Lanka and the many wonderful flavours that are on offer. This option will let you explore all that sir Lanka is. We will work with you to build a brand around not only your niche but why this destination. Added destinations with Sri link, will be multi-island and multi-niche options. For example, your niche is culinary, why not head to India for some cooking lessons then head over to Sri Lanka for some more lessons. 

Why choose Sri Lanka Origin

 Love Sri Lanka? but are not too sure about exactly what niche you would like to specialise in, we provide you with a number of ideas and niches within Sri Lanka so you can really pinpoint the exact tours you want to be offering. Combined with ten highlight tours which we know will be top sellers for you.


We help you choose ten specialist tours and design them for you so you can get really enthused about what you offer. Incorporating your elements really makes this your own. But the really unique aspect of this option is that you can also sell the flavours of Sri Lanka. Tea, spices and even more mouth-watering flavours are included as part of this franchise to maximise your revenue streams.

High Commission

70% of the Commission.

Exclusive Tours

Tours designed for you, by you. 

Full Training

Everything you need to know, to run your business successfully. 

Custom Website

Custom built website for your tours and to showcase your passion.

ESL Retreat

 Exclusive training for you and your niche. 


Comprehensive plan to give you the best results. 


Tea and spices blended for you, to sell to your customers. 

Sell Abroad

 Sell to clients around the world.


Be part of our journey to become sustainably positive. 


Sell multi destinations with Sri Lanka. 


 Industry-leading technology supporting your business. 

Much more

Get in touch to learn more about your journey. 

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