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Our Team

What makes our team different, how are we better than all the rest, We have specialists ready to help with all the niches, and they could also be a specialist.

Our team stands around the world, its not just our Co-Founders Daniel and Kriss, but all those that help us build the tours on the ground, to the locals that we talk to about hidden gems. And you as we don’t see it in the way of you working for us. But working with us to build change.

By joining us, you have the ability to tap into our network around the world. So that your niche will become the best niche it can be.

It is a cliché questions when asked, what makes our team different. The biggest thing about us is that we care and this is evident in the way we have set up our franchise. We have specialists in place and on hand to help you every step of the way. Ultimately we want you to become a specialist and we grow unique brands together.


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