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Driving for sustainable change

You buy we give project, talking all about how we support and fund projects all over the world.

Every element of travel we partake there is an impact. Be it the footprints you press into the ground or the emissions that are released traveling to destinations. Some impacts are positive and some are negative. We have created a remarkable program: You Buy We Give. This is where we create a positive impact for every journey that we are involved in. We want to be carbon neutral and eventually carbon positive and we are taking the steps through are projects to do this. Not only do we benefit the environment, we benefit the local economies as well.

The you buy we give project helps the local communities that you travel too and through in a positive way. As we get the local communises to tell us the way they travel and they tell us about unseen parts of their country so that we can bring more unique elements to the tours and in turn your niches.


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