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Desert Sand

Your Niche

It's about your passion!

Your niche, it's exactly that. It can be whatever you want it to be. It's all about branding it to your identity. As it's your passion that the tours are created around. We have worked long and hard to create this option as it's all the elements that we wanted when we first started in a franchise. 

Why choose this niche.

You have an absolute passion for travel and you know exactly what niche you want to specialise in and you want to create your own unique tours, this option is for you. Working with our experienced team we understand exactly what you want to offer and we create the tours with you. We help you understand your target market and put together the right strategies for you and provide ongoing support to ensure you grow.


To begin with, you will have five exclusive tours to help create the focus you need to sell your niche. If you had an unlimited number of tours and travel types you would like to sell, you would lose that focus and find it hard to define exactly who you are and what you selling. That is why we keep this focus. But that is not all, you also have access to our sustainable supplier list which enables you to sell a wider range of travel whilst still focusing on your core market with your tours.

70% of Commission

70% of the commission from the very start.

Sell Abroad

Sell your tours globally.

Custom website

Your very own custom website, it becomes your identity.


We are always investing in new technology that will benefit you and us.

Niche Tours

Tours that are exclusive to you and your niche.


We have great options and ideas to really help you hit the ground running.

Full Training

Everything to get you ready and to run your business successfully.

Future proofing

We have a full road map that is ready to roll out so that we can all stay ahead of any future issues.

Contact Us

The Stables, Staplow, HR8 1NP 

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